Sunday, June 17, 2012

NEW! My Pregnancy Notes Series

Here I am about halfway (about 21 weeks) through! I may not look that big, but I feel big... LOL!

While I haven't been doing a whole lot on my blog and just throwing up a post when I felt like it or found the time... all that is going to change for a while.

I finally found some inspiration!


Now that I am pregnant with #4 I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my pregnancy "notes" on what I've done in my previous pregnancies and again doing with Bebe Cuatro. That way you can be blessed with some great information and I can have a place to keep all my notes for future references!

My "notes" will be a mixture of recipes, remedies, tips and encouragement... don't expect me to cover every detail or share cures for every pregnancy ailment that is common among us preggy Mamas. There are some things, such as morning sickness, that I did not have a big problem with during all my pregnancies and therefore won't be sharing much on that subject.

Now, if you are not yet a Mama... no problem! This series of "notes" will be excellent for you to save for when that day comes when you are pregnant for the first time. There are some information among these "notes" that actually apply to you now because it is vital to start preparing your body before you conceive, not after.

Think of it has "getting the house ready" for the baby... you want your body to be clean, strong & healthy before your baby moves in, grows in your womb for the next 9 months and drinks your milk for however long you decide to nurse!

For those who are Mamas, have children and done... don't pass this off too quickly. These "notes" may have valuable information for you and your family's health. If you have daughters that are growing up, getting married and ready to have babies... this is great to pass on to them! Plus, this series can be great to pass on to your other Mama friends! Thanks so much for sharing the love  :o)

For those of you who are still planning to have more kids, then you will find much that you can use for your next pregnancy! With each pregnancy I've learned new things and add in one or more things to improve my pregnancy, labor & birth.

Here is a tentative list of "notes" I plan to share over the next few months and are not in any particular order:

If there is something you would like me to share that I might've missed in my list of notes... please let me know! It helps to get ideas from other Mamas who have been there and done it. With being pregnant, sometimes I forget some very important ones... ah! That's something I could write about! Curing forgetfulness during pregnancy! LOL!!

While I am sharing my "notes" I want you to remember that I am only sharing what has worked for me through each of my pregnancies. Also, please don't feel like you have to do EVERYTHING I do or have done. Find what you think will work for you! I am not a doctor or anything... just a mama who likes to share and has been blessed with 3 beautiful pregnancies, births & babies! Now I am looking forward to making it a fourth one  :)

I hope you will enjoy my notes and if you have anything you would like to share, have questions or want to add more thoughts into the posts, please write in the comments area! Thanks!

PS- in case you are wondering, that is me pregnant with Tabitha (#2). This was taken a few hours before she was born  :o)


  1. So excited!! I'm 21 weeks and cant wait to see the notes!!!!

  2. Wendi - that's so great... when is your baby due around? Hope my notes with be beneficial for you and a blessing!

  3. Yay! I just found your blog a couple of days ago....I'm so excited for your section on pregnancy notes! Hooray for inspiration! :)

  4. I would love ideas for yummy healthy low cal snacks ... Since I always want to eat during my pregnancies (ok pregnant or not) but I tend to gaIn a lot of weight

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  6. Hi Mare! Do you have any recipes for the Sitz baths or nipple cream? My edd is in about two weeks and I'll be going to Willowsong in DM. I've had issues with reflux and found that a mix of digestive enzymes or chewable papaya tablets help out so much. It's never gotten bad enough to make it heartburn, but it makes me cough and is just plain annoying! I tested + for group B and I was really bummed until I saw you have a post about it. Will read through that tonight! Thanks :)

    1. Hello Kristin!
      The sitz bath recipe should be coming up soon! Sorry about the delay. Also, the nipple cream will be up soon too.

      Yes, digestive enzymes work well... but raw apple cider vinegar works even better. Helps keep your system akaline and keeps the acid in balance in your stomach. Just mix 1 Tbsp in 8 oz of water. Can sweeten it with stevia or honey to take the edge off.

      Hope the Group B post will be helpful for you!!

  7. Not wanting to be a bother, but I too am excited for the nipple cream and sitz bath recipes! Thanks so much for sharing all that you have!

    1. No bother L.K.! Those recipes will be coming up soon. Thank you for your excitement and encouragement! :)


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