Friday, January 20, 2012

Sourdough Journal #13: Chili Beef Sourdough Pot Pie

Honestly, I didn't like pot pie when I was a child and because of that... I never made pot pie for my family. Even though chicken pot pie is one of my hubby's favorite childhood comfort food, I couldn't get myself to make one.

Well, GNOWFGLINS Sourdough eCourse changed all that!

I tried Wardee's recipe for Chili Beef Pot Pie and it was delicious and it tasted even better then next day for leftovers! I was very surprised how much I liked it. My hubby loved it and it was the first time that my oldest daughter asked for seconds! Of course, I was thrilled!

The crust was light and fluffy while the chili beef was creamy and tasty. I loved that the crust was SUPER EASY to make and there was no need to roll out the crust. Just simply slap the dough on that skillet!

Now I should get going on finding a good chicken pot pie recipe. Anybody got one to share with me? If I find a good recipe and make some changes... I'll make sure to share it with y'all!!

I would like to share this recipe, but it is not my own and it comes from Wardee's Sourdough ebook, which has copyrights. SO, If you would like to try Wardeh's Chili Beef Pot Pie, go buy her wonderful Sourdough A to Z eBook which includes a lifetime of updates!

Have a wonderful day and be sure to check out the new upcoming Fundamentals II eCourse! Seriously great stuff that you don't want to miss!!


  1. oh my I thought that I can make one but there is no recipe for this post, anyway I understand =)

  2. raquel - like I said... you can buy the ebook! It is excellent!

  3. So great. I just love Wardeh and her site. I'm looking forward to trying out her sour dough recipe.

  4. France, I hope you do! Wardee's stuff is awesome!

  5. I have a potpie recipe for you to try. It is super simple, but you can make it more elaborate if you like. And I have since found a whole grain pie crust recipe that I like, but you can figure out a way to make it with sourdough. I'd love to see the changes that you would make to it. I know not everyone is a potpie lover. I'm just starting my Real/Nourishing Food journey. Thanks for your ideas.

  6. Jamie, thank you so much for taking the time to share your recipe with me! I am heading over there right now to check it out ;o)


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