Sunday, December 11, 2011

DPP 2011 > Orange Fest!

A few days ago we had a huge bag of oranges harvested right off our citrus trees and I've been wanting to make candied orange peels as gifts for our neighbors and for a cookie party that I am hoping to go to... I will get to meet more missionary women and hopefully make a friend or two!

So, today we basically had an orange festival! Washing, cutting and peeling... but we only got half way through the bag! That's a lot of oranges! I am thinking I will zest the rest of them and dried the orange zest out. Great to have a jar of dried orange zest when you need it.

I will hopefully post a recipe for candied orange peels using raw sugar... SO easy! Great for those of you who have citrus trees giving too many oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit. Yep, you can use any peel of a citrus fruit to be candied... just make sure the skins aren't too thin or they will turn leathery after being candied. Not appealing.

What did I do with all the juicy, fleshly part of the oranges? Made fresh juice, of course!

Pictures from DDP 2009


  1. I remember eating so many fresh oranges at RSM That our mouths would get sore. But that is something I miss-- Not have fresh fruit trees. Hopefully in the future if we get the land next to us we could plant some trees.

  2. Great idea Mare! I will have to do that with the girls, maybe I will put out a buket to save the peels when the kids eat them!

    Michelle, I hope you do get the land. What a blessing that would be! :)


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