Thursday, August 25, 2011

Simple Lives Thursday #58

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Simple Lives Thursday Blog Hop
So, today is Simple Lives Thursday... A fun blog hop dedicated to anything and everything about simple living. Please share with us how are you living your life simply... we all want to know!

There is so much to learn about living simply these days... making lacto-ferments, raising animals, living off-grid, cooking with real food, gardening, raising family, homeschooling, homemade body products, natural cleaners, frugal ways, creating art with recycled materials, homesteading, homeopathy, growing herbs for health and much more!

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Top Five Featured Posts From Last Week's Submissions!

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Here are our picks from last week's submissions. Thanks to all who participated -- it is always hard to choose!

1. Infused Olive Oils and Vinegars by the intentional minimalist.
A great collection of recipes for infusing your own olive oil and vinegar.

2. Fighting Blight: A Fermented Recipe by Food Farm Health.
Fermenting foods adds good bacteria to our bodies but it's beneficial effects became even more obvious when this blogger put it on her blight - ridden tomato plants.

3. Chai Tea Concentrate by The Elliott Homestead.
Shaye made her own chai tea concentrate for around $2, saving $5 over the market's $7 price tag -- and hers probably serves more. Plus, we love that you can avoid boiling your precious raw milk by combining the concentrate with cold raw milk and blending it with ice for a cool, summer iced chai.

4. Getting the Children Involved - Homemade Perfume by Jo's Health Corner.
Great recipes to making your own homemade perfume using essential oils for stimulant, relaxing or antiseptic effects.

5. Meet Our First Dairy Sheep, Dorothy! by Butter Believer.
This author shares in her excitement as she adds a sheep for milk to her homestead.

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Please Read & Follow the Rules
Since Simple Lives Thursday is growing, as a group, the five hosts have decided to set some ground rules in order to keep the integrity of the blog hop.

1. If linking real, traditional and simple recipes, please make sure all ingredients used are whole. Such as whole grains, vegetables, legumes, meats, even sugar. In order to keep the integrity of "nourishing" food, we will delete any recipes that utilize processed, boxed foods. We are definitely not going to be ingredient policeman, however, please note that this is a hop hosted by advocates of the real, local and sustainable food movements.

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  1. Hi Mare,
    Thanks for featuring my perfume making post. My daughter was very excited when I showed her. I'm co-hosting a Living Well Blog Hop in case you want to link up your wonderful ice cream book!

  2. Our pleasure Jo! Thanks, will do :o)

  3. Hi Marillyn,
    I just found your blog and am following along. I read your about me and many of the things you are passion about are things I am passion about too or are in the process of learning. Our family has Nourshing Traditions but have done very little out of it, but this Fall healthier eating is one of our top priorities. We were in a place where we were doing fairly well and then we hip a big bump in the road and we all fell of the wagon. Our 4 1/2 year old at the time was diagnosed with brain cancer, when he was having radiation and then chemo his appetite dropped to next to nothing we offered him everything under the sun, just to get him to eat. We developed some pretty bad eating habits just trying to get some weight on him. So now it is time to pull in the reins and get back into eating well. Your blog is very encouraging and lots of good ideas I am so glad I found it. Sorry for the insanely long comment. Feel free to pop by our family blog and meet us.

  4. I love your blog, and I'm excited about your ice cream ebook! :-)

  5. Hey! I just found your blog from Keeper of the Home. Loving the stuff you are doing!

  6. Hi! I too just discovered your lovely blog from Keeper of the Home. Thank you for taking us along on your journey and sharing what you find along the way!


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