Thursday, March 31, 2011

NEW: Simple Lives Thursday #37

Today I am thrilled to share with you that I've been invited to be a part of the Simple Lives Thursday... a blog hop dedicated to anything and everything about living a simple life. Thank you Wardee, Diana, Alicia & Annette!

So, let me begin the intro...

Woohoo! Today is Simple Lives Thursday... A fun blog hop dedicated to anything and everything about simple living. Please share with us how are you living your life simply... we all want to know!

There is so much to learn about living simply these days... making lacto-ferments, raising animals, living off-grid, cooking with real food, gardening, raising family, homeschooling, homemade body products, natural cleaners, frugal ways, creating art with recycled materials, homesteading, homeopathy, growing herbs for health and much more!

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Be Simple and Share Your Post!

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Also, when you link here... your post will appear on all five blogs!

For those who don't have blogs... Please share your ideas, tips and recipes about simple living below in my noisy comments area. Don't get left out!

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  1. Mare...sooo exciting to read your blogs! I love that you have inherited and cultivated the love for gardening and trying to live a simple life. Frugality is a virtue!

  2. Hi, I love to garden and the produce that comes from it. I feel the need to keep simple home/made and or grown a knowledge needed for survival and wellbeing. I fertilize my garden with water and granulated kelp mixed together. This year I am using newspaper and wood mulch around all my new plants to keep them moist in the Texas heat. I have been cooking from scratch for years and even make my own mixed spice blends, via internet searches. I soak and cook dry beans. Then freeze them in portions instead of buying canned beans. Using my new dehydrater has been saving me money every month by making my own snacks/foods. with the help of many recipe's found on the internet. I have plants in my house to keep the indoor air clean naturaly and with out a machine. I am sure there is more and there is still so much to learn.

  3. Dad ( Wayne) - I try! LOL! I am still on the learning curve. Thanks!

    Donna- thank you for sharing what you do to simplify your life and use natural resources. Keep up the great work!


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