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JMN Videos: Just Making 'Soaked & Ready' Oats

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? We are doing great! We have been busy de-cluttering, selling our big things, giving away things, packing and getting ready to move to Honduras. I can't believe we will be driving across part of Costa Rica, through Nicaragua and part of Honduras to our new HOME SWEET HOME! Please keep us in your prayers for safe traveling and good health for all of us. We need... no, we WANT your prayers!

Before I get going, I want to remind you all that GNOWFGLIN's e-Course ends on Feb 22nd at 5pm PST! If you haven't signed up yet... hurry along and sign up. You will not regret it, I promise! Wardeh has set up an e-Course FAQs page for those of you who have questions. If you haven't yet, please check out her Sneak Peak Video: Basic Soaked Muffins. Plus, she has released a freebie for you all: "13 Tips for Maintaining and Establishing New Routines". I am excited for Wardee that things are going so well with the e-Course and believe that it will be a success!

Now, today I am going to share my first two videos showing how I make the 'Soaked & Ready' Oats. One of my readers, Jessica, emailed me asking if I could show the process step by step with pictures to make sure she is doing it right... I was more than happy to help her out, but decided a video would be easier, fun and more personal! Hope this helps you out, Jessica!

Below is the recipe and I made a few changes now that I've been making this on a regular basis. I have found the oats to be better tasting & less sour when I drain them before drying them. They also come off the wax/parchment paper much easier along with using coconut oil. Also, this was my first time drying the oats in the oven because Jessica said she uses her oven to make the S&R Oats. I wanted to see how mine came out so I could better help her and those who don't own dehydrators.

Hope you enjoy the videos!

'Soaked & Ready' Oats

  • 4 cups rolled oats (NOT instant)
  • 4 cups filtered water
  • 5- 8 Tbsp. whey, lemon/lime juice, kombucha, kefir or yogurt

Warm 2 cups of water in a saucepan (don't use a microwave) till warm to touch. Do not let it boil! Add in 2 cups of tepid water and set aside.

Pour the oats into a large glass bowl and gently mix in the water and acid medium (whey, etc..). Cover the bowl with a towel or plate & let it sit overnight in your oven or on your counter (wherever you have space).

Important: Let it soak for 12 - 24 hours... 12 hours is okay, but I always soak mine for 24 hours to reduce the phytic acid as much as possible.

Drain the oats in a sieve for about 5-10 minutes. While the oats are draining, get your parchment/wax paper ready & rub coconut oil (or other) on your parchment/wax paper.

Spread the oats on oiled parchment paper in your tray or cookie pan (for oven drying) and put in dehydrator set on the highest temp (if you have that option... I don't, so I just turn it on) until completely dry. It can take anywhere from 6 to 24 hours... depending on your dehydrator and the weather. You can dry the oats in your oven set on the lowest temperature. The lowest my oven went was somewhere between 200 - 250 F and it came out wonderful!

When the oats are dried, you will be able to break them into chunks. You can break them up more with your hands or put the chunks in your food processor or blender and pulse until coarsely ground (kinda like oatmeal flakes). Don't grind it too fine unless you want oat flour.

Pour the oats in a sealed container and store in your fridge or in a cool, dark place.

Ta-daaa! There you go... you have 'Soaked & Ready' Oats for satisfying your urge to have a quick bowl of cereal, make cookies or whip up some delicious Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Ice Cream! Remember, you can make this however much you want. When I make the S&R Oats for the week, I usually use about 8 cups of rolled oats. Just make sure you add everything up correctly.

Please excuse my nervous deaf accent. Yeah, its my first time and I'm not to fond of video cameras... BUT I did have fun putting this together and hope to do more in the near future! 

After making the first video... I thought it would be good to show the great results of the oats that were dried in the oven. They came out perfectly crunchy and crumbling. I didn't even need to put them in my food processor! Now, I know for sure that using the oven works just as well as using a dehydrator. Oh, don't mind my crazy hair... I had just gotten out of the shower! LOL!

Now, do you have a particular recipe or food preparation that you would like me to do a step by step video of? Please let me know... even if I don't have it on my blog yet. I am open to ideas!


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  1. Very nice! We just made your "Soaked & Ready" Oats on Wednesday! It turned out really good. I'm making home-made raw cows milk yogurt as I type, I'm hoping it turns out so we can top it with the oats and some berries!

    Esther from DeL Sisters Kitchen

  2. Esther - Awesome! So glad the oats came out good. The yogurt and berries will be fantastic with it!!

  3. Very cool!!! @susieqtpies on twitter! I'm thinking yogurt and berries too! Yummy

  4. hey, just posted the chai recipe on the blog... thanks again for the coconut palm sugar. Love it!

  5. and... I made some soaked and ready oats yesterday... and have been soaking my breakfast oats, I like it!

  6. Wow what a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I want to try it sometime.

  7. Susie - Yeah totally! Thanks!

    Brittney - Awesome! I will head over there and check it out. Thanks for doing that. Also, I'm SO happy that you are soaking your oats! Tastes so much better than nonsoaked oats. Remember how they served oatmeal at least once a week at RSM? I never ate any because it would always make me feel tired and yucky. Now I am thrilled to be enjoying some hot or cold oats in the mornings and loving it!

    Sook - Thanks! I do hope you try it. It is really good and so much better for you.

  8. Hello I am Melynda from Moms Sunday Cafe,

    I have my oats soaking right now. Your video was very helpful and made the entire process seem so much easier than written instructions. Thank you very much.

  9. mare, I do remember... i didn't eat it either cause I would always get a bellyache later in the day. We both had a lot of food/health issues at the ranch. I really like them soaked and sati does, too. Still haven't gone to milk the cows yet, but when I do I'll be sure to try more of this healthy feel good food. I just had some bacon for breakfast (at my father-in-law's house) and realized that we rarely use salt... kind of wishing I would have stayed away. I like feeling well and energized. I'll be excited to try the ready oats in cookie dough... mmmmm.

  10. Melynda - I am so glad the video was helpful! This is great to know because I would like to do more of that. Thank you for sharing that with me!

    Brit - Yeah, funny, Naomi won't eat unsoaked oats and I don't even have to tell her... because she knows by the taste and texture. But you give her soaked oats... she will chow it down. you will have so much fun milking some cows. I am so excited for you guys! What you eat really does make a difference! Do you use sea salt? We like Real Salt and the gray sea salt... can't remember what it is called. Basically the unprocessed form of sea salt is very good for you. Whenever I start to feel tired... I would put a little bit in my water and feel great afterwards... it is so full of minerals! Let me know how the cookie dough goes :o)

  11. great videos!! can't wait to give it a try!

  12. Thanks for the video. I still don't have a dehydrator and using the electric oven would increase our electricity. But it's nice and sunny everyday and I heard it's going to get hotter so I guess I could dry them outside. :)hmmm

  13. It's good to make our own grain if we've the machine. Yet, still BUDGET play the most important part of our lives!

  14. excellent post Mare! I'm bookmarking this one for future references because I want to start soaking oats as well :)

  15. And they are done, now to get cooking with them, Thanks.

  16. awesome videos! very helpful! i have to get myself a dehydrator.

  17. Fabulous idea! I'm getting started on some right now!

  18. we do use the gray sea salt from trader joe's (but still, we just don't use much. I even used to me a "salt" person). I may use more of it now that we're getting all of the processed junk out of our bodies (sense so much salt is used in packaged foods).

  19. This is great! I have a dehydrator, and I'm always looking for ways to simplify preparing healthy food for my brood of 9! Can't wait to try this.

  20. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I am going to try these oats in some granola bars!


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