Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Roundup of Weekend Herb Blogging #212

It has been fun hosting for Weekend Herb Blogging this past week. I learned of two plants/veggies that I've never seen or heard of before... that's what I am loving about this blogging event! Each week I am always learning about one or more new plant, herb, vegetable and/or fruit that is new to me from all around the world.

Anyway, Weekend Herb Blogging is a weekly group blogging event that was founded by Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen. WHB is a creative way to share recipes & learn about herbs, vegetables, fruits and other plant ingredients. WHB is currently managed by Haalo of Cook (Almost) Anything At Least Once, and next week’s host will be Laurie from Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska.

Now, with no further ado I present you the roundup of WBH #212...

I will start with Nate & Annie from House of Annie. They reside in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia and have a wonderful blog sharing home-style Asian & Hawaiian food from their younger days. Here they are sharing how to make savory Miso Soup entirely from scratch... looks easy and delicious! I LOVE that they are using miso paste made from non-GMO soybeans and its free of MSG. I've been on the lookout for recipes that uses seaweed (high in natural iodine & rich source of minerals) and would love to make this soup, minus the tofu. Thank you, Nate & Annie, for showing us how easy it is!

Now I have Cinzia from Cindystar who whipped up a batch of easy & delicious looking cookies from her kitchen in Lake Garda, Italy. These cookies are very much like butter cookies with coconut added in and only requires 5 ingredients. I LOVE coconuts and these cookies are making me drool!

Rachel from Rachel's Ramplings and she comes from Gloucestershire, UK. This is her first time joining in with us... please stop by her blog and welcome her! From her kitchen she made a Thai Mushroom Soup that sounds like a wonderful change from the standard "cream of mushroom" which I'm not a big fan either. Her soup looks savory and comforting! Thank you, Rachel for joining us and welcome!

Now our wonderful manager of WBH... Haalo from Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once whipped up a beautiful & nourishing Strawberry Curd rich with egg yolks. I can almost smell the delicious flavors from her kitchen in Melbourne, Australia. Make sure you also make her delicious looking sfinci to go along with it! I must try this myself sometime... especially now that strawberries are at their peak time right now.

Next we have sweet Mangocheeks from Allotment 2 Kitchen who thinks she has found her favorite way of eating cauliflower. This veggie is available year round in Britain, but is not very popular and on the decline. I wasn't fond of cauliflower as a child, but now love it stir fried or roasted & spiced with Indian or Thai flavors when they are available. From her kitchen in Scotland she made a Cauliflower Terrine which looks like a spiced up veggie-loaf. I think I'll have to try this out too... thank you for sharing Mangocheeks!

Yeoh Cheng Huann from Eat.Read.Live. brought from her kitchen in Singapore a fast & savory soup made with black beans... high in protein, a great source of complex carbs and a great tummy-warming soup! Beans, in general, have been known as "The Poor Man's Meat" but is healthy, frugal and very filling. We love black beans and they are a staple here in Costa Rica. Thank you for sharing a simple, yet nourishing soup Yeoh!

Now here's something new for me... a plant/root called the giant cardoon. Graziana from Erbe in Cucina grew some in her garden and was able to harvest two plants. From her kitchen in Italy... She fried them up in butter, added cheese and topped them on top of crusty bread. I would love to have a bite of it!

Here is another plant that I've never heard of called Madre Cacao or Kakawate. Ela from Everything's Herbed smokes a fish over kakawate branches and covers it with kakawate leaves. What kind of flavor do the branches and leaves give? I would love to visit Ela's place in Laguna, Philippines and try this smoke fish myself. Ela's father is a farmer and this tree is very useful for fencing around property, as a trellis for their vine-growing veggies. They even use the leaves of the kakawate tree to help quicken the ripening of fruits!

Winnie from Healthy Green Kitchen shares a unique Thanksgiving side dish that turned out to be one of her favorites. From her kitchen in New Paltz, NY she spiced up a variety of root vegetables with Cardamon... a strong, but heavenly spice found in Indian, Middle Eastern, Arabian & Scandinavian cooking. Even though Cardamon can be expensive... a little bit goes a long ways. Sounds delicious!

This is my favorite so far... Brii from Briiblog made what looks like savory pastries using pumpkin & sweet potatoes then spiced up with rosemary. I would love to sit in her kitchen in Valsorda, Italy and watch her make these! Make sure you stop by her blog and admire her lovely photography.

Lastly, I made a smoothie with mesquite powder & frozen mangos that is becoming a favorite in our home in Costa Rica. Mesquite is mildly sweet with a light, carmel flavor and great for baking. This traditional powder is not very well known in the modern age, but it is making a comeback as a health champ!


  1. Beautiful recap Marillyn and thanks so much for hosting! It's hard to decide where to begin, everything looks so great.

  2. buon giornoooo marillyn!!

    wow! so many tasty entries!

    thank's for hosting...and have a nice week!

  3. Fantastic recipes. Mine is missing. :D I know I missed it but it's great to see other people's creation and learn from them. And God's creation is truly magnificent. I am loving your photos too for the December Photo Project. :D

  4. Thank you so much for hosting WHB Marillyn and the lovely write - ups for the entries. It has been a pleasure being part of your blog.

  5. Oh I am going to kill my e-mail provider one of these days. (Not literally of course!) I did send you an entry, but it looks like you didn't get it. You can delete this comment if you want, but here's my entry:

    I should have realized something was up when I didn't hear back, sorry about that!

  6. Hi there, thanks for hosting WHB this week. Your mango mesquite smoothie is quite intriguing.

    A little clarification: The kombu seaweed in the pic is actually part of our Basic Dashi post, which comes before the Miso Soup post. For the miso soup, we wanted to feature the use of wakame seaweed.

    Anyway, it's all good. Arigato gosaimasu!

  7. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful recipes, I always love seeing the different creations that occur all around the world -- it never ceases to amaze me the creativity that is constantly happening everywhere!

  8. Thank you for the gorgeous round-up, I'm looking forwards to visiting them all during the week.

  9. Great round up! Thanks for the introduction to some great new (to me) blogs! Hope you are well!

  10. excellent round up! everything looks delicious and tasty

  11. Thanks for hosting and the round-up looks fantastic!

  12. great recap, marillyn!
    so lovely and inviting recipes!
    thanks again for hosting and have a nice w.e.!

  13. Congratulations! You've got a noisy round up. Looking forward to visiting all...ingat (take care)!


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