Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tabitha Charis - Graceful Grace

For those of you don't know... Tabi's whole name is Tabitha Charis-Helle Beard Goranson.

Yep.  That's right!


Because she is a Costa Rican (Tica) and it is normal here to have your father and mother's last names.  Yes, my last name is Beard... but my passport has my maiden name.  We originally wanted to do without the Goranson, but we couldn't.  So we asked if we could squeeze Charis and Helle together... no problema.

Why did we want Helle in there?  Because they are special friends of ours who helped pay for our midwife with Naomi and Tabi's homebirth.  We felt that it was the right thing to include them in Tabi's name and to honor them for their support.  They were very blessed and felt like grandparents all over again  :o)

So, today was a big day for Tabi... she officially started crawling.  She had been "warming up" over the last couple weeks, but today she crawled all the way from Naomi's room to our office.  Yeaaa!  Here's a Flip Videothat my dad and I did today of Tabi.


Don't you just love how she was "hitting" herself with the flip video?  And how she threw a classic tantrum when my dad took the flip from her?

Yes, she is dramatic... I have two drama queens, oh my!


  1. She's precious Mare! Thanks for sharing!
    Aunt Debbie


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